Lawn Care

Bluestone offers traditional fertilizer programs (2-4 applications depending on shade, lawn use, and age of lawn), carbon based natural fertilizer/weed control programs, complete carbon based organic fertilizer/weed control programs, and any combination in between.

Landscape Design

Custom, one of a kind, landscape designs to fit any budget or design style. We incorporate our 3D modeling service to bring your vision closer to reality before we even break ground.

Landscape Build

We turn a design dream into a reality using current and proper installation practices. Our extensive experience has taught us where install practices can go wrong, so we give special attention to problem areas to prevent that from happening.

Fire & Water Features

By mixing different materials, we aim to create a focal point on your property that makes for a perfect gathering spot for both friends and family for years to come.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor cooking creates a hub for your outdoor gathering space and brings people together. We work closely with you to design these spaces to fit your needs.

Overhead Structures

A pergola or pavilion is a great way to provide shade or add privacy to your outdoor space. We design these structures to fit with the overall look of your landscape design.

Seasonal Maintenance

We offer Spring Cleanups including shrub and perennial maintenance and fresh mulch if requested. We provide landscape plant fertilizer application and corrective tree pruning. In the Fall,  cleanup includes removal of leaf debris, cutting back plant material and corrective tree pruning. We also offer snow removal in the Winter months.

Design with Purpose. Build with Passion. Create Lasting Memories.

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